midnight's simulacra

a novel by nick black

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It was at first about the science. It became about the cash. Then it was about personal LSD supplies, and then the world's LSD supply. We didn't intend to become a nuclear power; doing so proved counterproductive.

But understand, please: it was always about the science.

four illustrations: MM on roof, MF in lab, MM in discussion, M at computer

Michael Luis Bolaño is the scion of Mexican oil wealth gone to rut in Texas. Sherman Spartacus Katz is the hyperliterate son of evangelical eccentrics from the North Georgia mountains. One hopes to restore what's been lost, the other to attain what never was. Together they train as engineers; together they study forbidden teachings. By graduation, they're formidably competent, audacious to a fault, ungovernable.

Need illicit precursors? Biosynthesize them in yeast. Need souped-up wheelchairs? Disarm the governors. Need enriched uranium? CO₂ TEA lasers in the garage. Where there's a black market, they disrupt it. Where there's no black market, they create one.

midnight's simulacra is a hysterical, scientifically rigorous, slow burn of a thriller, a modern picaresque, a portrait of autists as young men, and unlike any other novel you've read.

code stoned. debug sober. document drunk.
and never trust the nuclear regulatory commission.

A story of rogue engineering.

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484 pages.
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  1. part i: verwirrung—chaos
    1. coming of age in confusion
    2. sherman katz gets himself expelled
    3. michael bolaño indulges in small pleasures
    4. elephant seals

  2. part ii: zweitracht—discord
    1. devesh choudhary is all about physics and rolls
    2. atrium vestae
    3. y'all've any more of that vee-cee?
    4. alexei orshanskiy thinks he can get you lemons
    5. pavlov’s hierophant and schrödinger’s hæresiarch
    6. vladimir cel tredat takes up a collection
    7. ergot
    8. welcome to my lab; we’ve got Taq polymerase

  3. part iii: unordnung—confusion
    1. cloud wandered lonely as a daffodil
    2. max-cashflow min-cut theorem
    3. if you eat that i think it is going to kill you
    4. erica marelli grows tired of bivalves
    5. anarbek tursyn busts a move
    6. the chemical history of an eightball
    7. uranium

  4. part iv: beamtenherrschaft—bureaucracy
    1. greg moyer gives some bad advice
    2. a stamped-in network of paths
    3. overall there is a smell of fried onions
    4. vancouver! vancouver! this is it!
    5. it’ll raise the tone of your trap
    6. oriana marino speaks in riddles
    7. feedback loops are Bad Shit, to be Avoided
    8. my mistakes are many, but less terrible than god’s

  5. part v: grummet—aftermath
    1. usurper
    2. prima luce

  6. epilogue

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